Meet the Trainers:


Chris Weise

Certified Fitness Trainer and Founder


Paul Anderson

Certified Fitness Trainer

Paul discovered his passion for the mental and physical challenges that sports and fitness come with at a young age and that passion has evolved and grown into his adulthood. Paul got into coaching in the Marine Corps as a combat fitness instructor where he oversaw his platoon’s combat readiness. Before joining the Future team, he was the general manager for a health and wellness brand and gym in Texas called MVEMENT. He has trained and coached a wide range of fitness levels and populations in multiple disciplines. 


Prior to PITFIT, Paul coached for one of the top CrossFit gyms in Texas, CrossFit Dallas Central and top fitness studios, Class Studio and MVEMENT. During this time, he was a research assistant in a top collegiate physiology lab running both sports and clinical studies for athletes and special populations. 


Paul believes the right mindset and approach is one of the top goals in fitness and life. He strives to bring a sense of confidence and fun to his coaching approach and doesn’t believe in one way to go about training. Paul looks to build trusting relationships and a friendly, open environment where his client feels empowered and confident. He pulls from his multiple fitness-discipline experiences, physiological and psychological scientific studies along with his passion to help guide his client’s sustainability on their health and fitness journey. His non-traditional approach to fitness and coaching is refreshing with the goal of his client’s to enjoy the journey and process. 



Certified Fitness Trainer





Upper Body

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Lower Body

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Upper Burnout

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Lower Burnout

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Friday & Saturday

Full Body

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*Intense* Full Body Circuit Training

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