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Welcome to PITFIT!

My mentality is no excuses, no emotion. My goal is to attract the people that really truly want to make a difference mentally and physically in their lives. 

When the alarm goes off, you have one job only…get up and GET IN THE PIT!

Hey what’s up guys, my name is Chris Wiese, founder of PITFIT Workout here in Dallas, Texas. We were established in 2020 during the pandemic. As you can see behind me, our gym was built in a parking garage 3 floors down below Travis Walk Plaza parking garage. 

We started out with just me and a couple of my buddies coming down here during the pandemic to get in a workout since all our gyms were closed. We really love the atmosphere so we made a few phone calls to our friends and that’s when things really started to take off. 

The classes started out with only 6 people, then 9, then 12 and now 2 years later we have 21 people to a class and we are a full 60 Minute HIIT training facility.

When I was coming up with the development of PITFIT I had to think of workouts and my mind just went old school…

Monday: Upper Body Strength Day

We are in here, pumping it out using a little bit heavier dumbbells working upper body. Back, chest, bi’s, tri’s, a little bit of shoulders, crushing some abs, and of course we gotta hit that CARDIO!

Tuesday:Lower Body

Tuesday rolls along, we got to slow it down and hit that lower body. Deadlifts, squats, hip thrusters, always cardio, and of course we are going to hit those abs.

Wednesday: Upper Body Burnout

When we roll into Wednesday, I got to get more technical. We go to an Upper Body Burnout. What I mean by that is, we use more of a medium set weight, lots of reps; shoulders, bi’s, tri’s, and the cardio is CRANKED. 

Thursday: Lower Body

Roll into a Thursday and here we go back around again with a lower body workout just like Tuesday.

Friday: Full Body work out

F*ck It Up Friday! This is one of those days that when we get in here, we expect you to put in the work! This is full body, lighter weights, ton of movement and of course killer on the cardio to get you detoxed and ready for the weekend.

Saturday: Reflection of the week

Full 60 minute class that is a breakdown of all the different workouts that were focused on throughout the week in one killer full body workout.

Sunday: Calling all Athletes

Sunday is targeted at our athletes. In this full body 60min HIIT workout we use every single piece of equipment in the gym and just get after it!


Showing up on time hustling your *ss off and making a better version of yourself.

Get in here, workout, get the job done and go home!

The Workouts
Get in the PIT

Different workouts every day of the week.

Meet Our Coaches

Certified Fitness Trainer and Founder
Chris Wiese
Certified Fitness Trainer
Spencer Conley